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“…angelic, primal, orgasmic whisperings immersed in funky beats called freedom.”
- Atlanta Press

”How Sweet it is!”


Sugar brings you her sweet and sensuous sounds, propelling you to the next level with her provocative mystical vocals and tribal dance movements. Her music wraps itself around you, sending you on a time traveling journey into raw, rapturous regions.  Sugars two albums; Sweet (1999) and Vertical Enhancement (2001) continue to enchant and mesmerize audiences around the world. Sugar currently travels around the country performing new songs which will be on her next album.“Jayne Doe,” hit the Atlanta music scene running in the early 90’s releasing two albums on The Hot Hits Label riding the charts with singles,”Blue Lights” coming in at #34 and “Everything Is Music” topping at #17. Both cuts had National Air Play on The Hot Mix Radio Show, syndicated to 138 radio stations.  “Jayne” was later dubbed Sugar Kayne by singer Fuzzy Haskins of Parliament Funkadelic in 1998.

Sugar Kayne has made her home in Atlanta, Georgia.  Through her music career and  work with the community at large, she has been able to accomplish powerful works of art through music and videography.

​..Taking You to the Next Level...



The Great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina claim her as a native child of Cherokee descent.  Sugar Kayne stalks the stage like a hunter after its prey, touching audiences in ways not often explored. Her unvarnished, throaty vocals deliver a sound that comes from living on the edge, combining primal rhythms with technology; blending drumming and synthesizer to create raw elements with unhurried bass lines.  Sugar Kayne embodies the exotic bohemian, subverting the main stream while she emerges as a cutting edge innovator in music.



Sugar not only produces her own music, but memorable events as well.  She is co-producer of the Visionary Arts Fair of Atlanta which featured the amazing Alex Grey, a world renowned spiritual leader and artist known for his work based around collective consciousness.  The Visionary Arts Fair of Atlanta is one of the most anticipated events of the year.  It gives artists and musicians the chance to showcase their best works and receive public acknowledgement.  Alex Grey himself calls Sugar a “Shamanic Empresario.”  Another one of Sugar’s top accolades is the creation of one of the best annual parties in Atlanta, Be My Furry Valentine,  an event  showcasing flow arts and Faux Fur Fashion.  Her involvement in the creation of the prominent production company Area 51 Presents has also given her extensive knowledge and experience with 3D mapping and laser production design; a force shaping the EDM scene of Atlanta.

Sugar Kayne is also deeply involved in the world of Burning Man, being both a passionate flow artist/fire performer and a theme camp organizer. Through Area 51, she provides a theme camp for the enjoyment of art admirers who travel cross country.  Her work in the burn community has stretched across the past decade, and her accomplishments are easily identifiable.  Since 2004, Sugar has been involved with Transformus in North Carolina, Alchemy: The Georgia Burn, and of course most importantly Burning Man in Nevada.  Area 51 has collaborated with the big leagues including Android Jones and Fractal Nation, providing an innovative theme camp experience featuring big names like Alex Grey and Crystal Method.


Involved in community outreach, Sugar has been fundamental in improving the Atlanta community.  She served on the Fulton County Environmental Committee and was featured in HGTV’s Deserving Design where she received an award for community service for her efforts in curbing the influence of industrial business in the Old Fourth Ward District of Atlanta. Where Sugar goes, she leaves a wake of hard work and dedication behind her, providing inspiration to artists everywhere.

Through collaboration she continues to provide a stimulating, entrancing experience that is sure to sweep anyone off their feet.  Today Sugar spends much of her time and effort producing shows that create a full sensory, enriching, participatory experience.  Sugar Kayne knows it is not the performer that makes the show memorable, it’s the audience.

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